Mildura Rural City Council representation reviews

Current representation review

The electoral representation review of Mildura Rural City Council is now complete.

The VEC’s final report to the Minister for Local Government is available below.

If the VEC’s recommendation is accepted, it will take effect at the October 2016 general election.

Key dates

Preliminary submissions openWednesday 15 July
Public information session7.00 pm on Wednesday 22 July
Deadline for preliminary submissions5.00 pm on Wednesday 12 August
Release of preliminary reportWednesday 9 September
Deadline for response submissions5.00 pm on Wednesday 7 October
Public hearing7.15 pm on Wednesday 14 October
Release of final reportWednesday 4 November

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Public information session

A public information session was held at 7.00 pm on Wednesday 22 July in the Council & Committee Rooms, Civic Building, 76-84 Deakin Avenue, Mildura.

Public hearing

A public hearing was held at 7.15 pm on Wednesday 14 October at the Mildura Rural City Council - Technology Centre, Corner Madden Avenue & Ninth Street, Mildura.



Final report map:

Preliminary report map:

Voter numbers by locality map:

Please note: TAB and KMZ formats are spatial data files that require Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software to view. TAB can be opened with MapInfo and KMZ can be opened with Google Earth.

Previous reviews of Mildura Rural City Council

2005 representation review

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