Mount Alexander Shire Council By-election 2018 Nominations

Nominations have now closed.

The following vacancy exists for the Mount Alexander Shire Council:

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Tarrengower Ward (1 vacancy)

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NameQuestionnaire Contact details
GARDNER, Stephen WilliamNo response providedStephen Gardner
Mobile: 0429 595 056
Photograph of candidate GARDNER, Stephen William

Candidate Statement

I live in Tarrengower with my wife and 3 children who attend the local primary school. I have the qualifications to represent Tarrengower. I have extensive Government experience, sit on two Boards (one being the Maldon Hospital) and a Masters in Business. I am resilient and will serve the full term. I am part of a family business which has a shop in Maldon. In the last year trading conditions has got worse and there are more vacant shops. I want to change this. I want to see the people, community groups and businesses thrive. I aim to make sure that the ward of Tarrengower gets its share of Shire services. I aim to reform how the Shire operates by making it more accountable, transparent and efficient. My priorities include the Maldon-Baringhup bus, better roads, more services to youth, increase access to child care, better support for families and those who need it, better waste services and to represent all of the communities in Tarrengower. I will ensure that the application of planning laws support the diversification of the area but maintain Maldon's unique heritage. I commit to real change and to take actions that will benefit all.
ADAMS, JennySee responseWayne Ashdown
Business Hours: (03) 9787 8970
Mobile: 0403 953 715
Photograph of candidate ADAMS, Jenny

Candidate Statement

I believe Tarrengower Ward is the best place in the world. One of the youngest members of the Victorian National Trust in 1968, my life has been dedicated to the conservation, preservation and restoration of our precious heritage. Loving Maldon, I chose to relocate my 89 year-old childhood home to live here rather than see it bulldozed. I have a management background in the music industry. Recently, I organised a poetry event in Maldon which was very successful. Passionate about literature, music and the arts in general, I would like to see the Council provide greater support for cultural events. I have been involved in a small business cooperative in Maldon, so I know the importance of business and tourism to our community's wealth and wellbeing. Equality for all is paramount. We need a Council that genuinely responds to local concerns. If elected, I would be a strong voice for community consultation and Council transparency. I am dedicated to maintaining the integrity and unity that is required for a vibrant democracy. Sound financial management and keeping our rates low is important. With your support, I will ensure our heritage and natural environment is protected from inappropriate development.
FITZGERALD, Christine KayeSee responseChristine Fitzgerald
Mobile: 0419 347 408
Photograph of candidate FITZGERALD, Christine Kaye

Candidate Statement

A former member of the Australian Army, and married to a serving member of the Defence Forces, I consider myself fortunate to have settled in this area of such historic and cultural significance. I am involved in many community groups including the 2015 Tarrangower Community Plan Committee and subsequent Steering Group, Nuggetty Land Protection Group, Maldon and Baringhup Agricultural Show, Maldon Focus, Australia Day Committee, Maldon Streetscape Steering Committee and the Environmental Review Committee. Living on a rural property, I am increasingly aware of the problems local farmers confront and would like to represent their needs and views, which may differ greatly, to the more suburban members of the Shire. I am the proud mother of five adult sons and have nineteen gorgeous grandchildren so I am well aware of the need for support for families and our young folk. Many goals in our 2015 Community Plan have been realised but there is still work required to ensure the future vibrancy of our region and the retention and improvement of local facilities. I seek the opportunity to advocate strongly for our diverse community, during council planning and budgeting sessions, to ensure an equitable share of resources throughout our Shire.

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