How-to-vote cards

State elections

During the hours of voting on election day, only registered how-to-vote cards may be handed out at within 400 metres of voting centres. How-to-vote cards carried by mobile voting teams must also be registered.

By law, the VEC must register how-to-vote cards and display them on this website. Registered how-to-vote cards are also available for inspection at the VEC head office. How-to-vote cards must represent formal votes.

The VEC is not responsible for the way in which the political party, organisation or individual has directed preferences, nor whether they register multiple cards for the one District or Region.

How-to-vote cards distributed during the early voting period do not have to be registered but must be authorised.

Local council attendance elections

Registered how-to-vote cards are the only form of printed electoral material which may be lawfully distributed within 400 metres of a voting centre on election day or at an early voting centre during early voting. Anyone can register a how-to-vote card - a member of the public, a candidate, an organisation, etc.

How-to-vote cards registered for attendance council elections may be viewed at the relevant election office. A list of registered how-to-vote cards will be available on this website.