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What do words mean?

Australian citizen - a person who was born in Australia.

Or a person who was born overseas but now lives in Australia.

This person has made a special promise to follow all the laws of Australia.

This person has become an Australian citizen.

Ballot box - a box in the voting centre where you put your filled-in ballot paper.

Ballot paper - a sheet of paper you write your vote on.


Candidate - a person who wants to represent you in Parliament.


Democracy - a country where people have the right to vote for who is in charge.


Election - choosing someone or making a choice by voting.


Election day - the day you go to vote.


Election official - a person who works at elections.

Enrol - put your name on a list to vote.


How-to-vote card - a page of information about candidates and how to vote for them.

These are given out at voting centres on election day.


Independent - by yourself.

An independent person in Parliament does not belong to a group or political party.

Political party - a group of people who have similar ideas about things.

Postal vote - you can vote before the election.

Often you will vote at home.

You will send your vote back in an envelope before election day.

Victorian State Government - the largest group of people in State Parliament is called the Victorian State Government.

The State Government is in charge of Victoria.


Victorian State Parliament- a group of people who are chosen by the people in Victoria to represent them.

Vote or voting - to make your choice on your ballot paper.


Voting centre - the place you go on election day to vote.