Moorabool Shire Council: Woodlands Ward by-election

Voters in Woodlands Ward in Moorabool Shire Council will vote in a by-election this December.

This will be a postal by-election to elect a new councillor for Woodlands Ward, after the passing of Councillor Pat Toohey on 18 September 2019.

Enrolment for this by-election has closed. If you are correctly enrolled, we will post you a ballot pack between Tuesday 26 and Thursday 28 November. Find out more information below.

Voting in this by-election will be by post. We will post you a ballot pack between Tuesday 26 November and Thursday 28 November 2019.

The ballot pack will include:

  • a ballot paper attached to statements and photographs lodged by the candidates in the by-election
  • a ballot paper envelope with a flap
  • a reply paid envelope.

Follow the instructions on the ballot pack and make sure your completed vote is in the mail before 6.00 pm on Friday 13 December 2019.

Who has to vote?

You must vote if you are on the State roll in Woodlands Ward at 4.00 pm on Friday 18 October 2019.

Check if you are on the State roll

If you do not vote, you may be fined.

Who can vote?

We encourage you to vote, but you won’t be fined if you don’t, if you:

  • are 70 years or over
  • live outside Woodlands Ward
  • applied to council to be on the roll.

I have more than one property. Do I get more than one vote?

Each enrolled voter has one vote.

If you own more than one property in Woodlands Ward and you:

  • are on the State roll within the ward, you must vote for that address
  • are not on the State roll within the ward, but you are enrolled directly with council, you can nominate the property you wish to vote for. You have until 4.00 pm on Friday 18 October to nominate a property. If you do not nominate one, the council will choose it for you.
  • If you will be away

    Ballot packs will start to arrive in mail boxes from Wednesday 27 November.

    If you will not be at your address to receive your pack you can:

    • vote at the election office at Moorabool Shire Offices, 15 Stead Street, Ballan between 13 November and 15 November
    • call 1300 202 885 to request a replacement ballot pack to be posted to a different address.

    Large print or braille ballot packs

    Registration for large print or braille ballot packs has now closed.

    Please call (03) 8620 1122 if you have any queries.


Nominations are open until 12 noon on Tuesday 12 November 2019.

To nominate, you must:

  • Submit a nomination form with the Returning Officer at the election office at:
    Moorabool Shire Offices, 15 Stead Street, Ballan
    Call the Returning Officer on 1300 202 885 to make a nomination appointment.
  • Pay the nomination fee of $250 in cash or with a bank, building society or credit union cheque (no personal cheques).

Pre-fill your nomination form online

You can pre-fill a nomination form using our Candidate Helper

Candidate statement and questionnaire

To give voters information about your background, qualifications and what you stand for, you should also provide the following:

  • Candidate statement – a statement of up to 200 words and a photo
  • Candidate questionnaire – responses to questions about your experience and qualifications.

You can complete these in the Candidate Helper.

Candidate statements, photos and questionnaires must be submitted before 12 noon on Wednesday 13 November 2019.

Who can become a candidate?

Find out more about who can become a candidate:

Read a summary of the candidate information session held on Monday 4 November 2019.

Campaign donations

By law, council election candidates must disclose donations and gifts they receive in the lead up to an election. For more information, visit the Local Government Inspectorate’s website:

Candidate and scrutineer handbooks

Find more information about the nomination process by reading a candidate handbook

Enrolment for this by-election closed at 4.00 pm on Friday 18 October 2019.

You are enrolled for this by-election if you:

  • will be 18 years or older on Saturday 14 December 2019
  • live in Woodlands Ward
  • are on the State roll for your current residential address.

Check if you are on the State roll

You may also be enrolled for this by-election if you:

  • have previously applied directly to Moorabool Shire Council or
  • own or pay rates for a property within Woodlands Ward or
  • are a company director or secretary of a company that pays rates in Woodlands Ward.

My address has changed

If you recently moved into Woodlands Ward and did not update your address, you may not be able to vote in this election.

If you recently moved within or out of Woodlands Ward and did not update your address, you will be sent a ballot pack to your last enrolled address. You must vote for that address or risk a fine.

You can apply to have a ballot pack redirected to a new address before Thursday 7 November.

Returning Officer

The Returning Officer for this by-election is Mark Taylor.

A Returning Officer is a person appointed to manage council elections and by-elections.

Election office

The election office for this by-election has opened at:

Moorabool Shire Offices, 15 Stead Street, Ballan

The office will be open 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on weekdays between Wednesday 6 November and Friday 15 November.

It will re-open between Monday 9 December and Friday 13 December.

Important dates

Wednesday 18 September 2019
Date of vacancy

Friday 18 October 2019
Enrolment closes 4.00 pm

Thursday 7 November 2019
Nominations open

Tuesday 12 November 2019
Nominations close 12 noon

Wednesday 13 November 2019
Last chance to respond to candidate questionnaire, submit candidate statements and photos – 12 noon

Tuesday 26 – Thursday 28 November
Ballot pack mail-out

Friday 13 December 2019
Voting closes 6.00 pm