Union Road Food & Wine, Surrey Hills liquor licensing poll

Residents in the neighbourhood surrounding Unit 3, 139 Union Road Surrey Hills must vote this November in a liquor licensing poll.

This poll is required because Union Road Food & Wine has applied to the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) for a general licence in a ‘dry area’.

All voting will be by post.

Key dates

  • Ballot packs mailed out: Tuesday 29 October
  • Voting closes: 5.00 pm Wednesday 20 November.

Who has to vote?

You must vote if you:

  • live in the voting area (see map below)
  • were on the State roll for your current address as at 5.00 pm on Thursday 19 September.

Voting is compulsory. If you do not vote, you may be fined.

Map of voting area

Union Road Food & Wine, Surry Hills liquor licensing poll

Download voting area map (PDF, 159kB)

If you will be away

If you will be away from the date ballot packs are mailed out (29 October) until the close of voting (20 November), you can:

  • vote early from 15 October to 29 October
  • request to have a replacement ballot pack posted to a different address.

Please call 131 832 to discuss your options.

More information

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