Buninyong District profile

Features of the District

Location:Buninyong District is a partly urbanised regional electorate located west of Melbourne.
Area:3,107 square kilometres.
Towns:Ballan, Bungaree, Buninyong, Canadian, Clarendon, Elaine, Eureka, Gordon, Lethbridge, Linton, Meredith, Mount Clear, Mount Egerton, Mount Pleasant, Napoleons, Scarsdale, Sebastopol, Smythesdale and Warrenheip. Parts of Bakery Hill, Ballarat East, Brown Hill and Maddingley.
Features:Ballarat is Victoria’s largest inland city and was one of the main goldmining centres in Australia in the nineteenth century. Ballarat is a significant tourist centre. The District includes the Brisbane Ranges National Park, the Enfield State Park and Lal Lal Falls. Industries in the region include agriculture and grazing.
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