Subdivision reviews

Subdivision reviews consider the ward boundaries within a local council to ensure that each voter is equally represented.

Subdivision reviews are generally required when the average number of voters per councillor in a particular ward is likely to be 10% more or less than the average number of voters per councillor across the council at the next general election.

Subdivision reviews are similar to representation reviews, but they can only consider adjustments to the location of ward boundaries within a municipality.

The subdivision review process

Preliminary report released The VEC models ward boundary changes based on analysis of enrolment information and then presents these proposed changes in this report.
Public response period The VEC accepts written responses to the report and may hold a public hearing.
Subdivision review report released The VEC presents recommended ward boundary changes for the Minister for Local Government in this report. Ward boundary changes arising from the report will apply at the following council general election.

Limitations of a subdivision review

A subdivision review cannot

  • change the number of councillors
  • divide a ward or
  • combine multiple wards.

These changes are made as part of a council's periodic representation review.

A subdivision review also cannot:

  • change the external boundaries of the municipality
  • divide municipalities or
  • combine municipalities.

These changes can only be made by an Order in Council.

Developing recommendations

The VEC bases its recommendations on a number of factors, including:

  • internal research on the municipality under review
  • careful consideration of all input from the public
  • experience conducting previous representation reviews of local councils and similar reviews for State elections
  • expertise in mapping, demography and local government.

Public involvement

Once a preliminary report has been released, interested groups or individuals can submit a response. These responses are considered prior to the development of the final subdivision review report.

Accessing reports

During a review, the preliminary report will be available via the list of current subdivision reviews.

After a review, the subdivision review report will be available via the list of past subdivision reviews.