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The electoral roll

The register of electors is a list of the names and addresses of Victorians who are eligible to vote in Federal, State and local council elections. When an election is called, a date is set for the 'close of roll'. On that date a snapshot is taken of the register of electors which becomes the roll for that election. As most people refer to the register of electors as the 'electoral roll', for ease of understanding, we use this phrase throughout this website.

When you vote your name is checked against the roll to ensure that:

  • you are voting for the region, district or local council that is applicable for your address;
  • everyone who is enrolled votes; and that
  • no person votes multiple times.

Who has access to the electoral roll?Top

You can view the electoral roll at any VEC or Australian Electoral Commission office.

In addition, the Electoral Act 2002 (the Act) requires the VEC to make certain information available to stakeholders such as political parties, Members of Parliament and candidates.

The Act also allows the VEC to make information available to certain individuals and organisations. This may occur if, in the circumstance presented, the public interest in providing the requested information outweighs the public interest in protecting the privacy of personal information. This decision is made by the Victorian Privacy Commissioner.

In some cases marketing companies may tell you that they obtained your details from the electoral roll. Prior to 2002 the roll was available for sale and some companies may still be using this out-dated document.

For more information about who has access to the electoral roll please see the privacy and enrolment information page.

Is the roll available online?Top

The electoral roll is available online for the purposes of checking your own enrolment. To access your enrolment information you must enter your name, date of birth and address exactly as they appear on the roll. The way they appear on the roll is the exact way they were provided on the enrolment form.

You cannot browse the roll online.

How can I access the roll?Top

The electoral roll can be viewed at the VEC's office during business hours. You can also check your enrolment details online.

Can I buy a copy of the electoral roll?Top

The electoral roll is no longer published nor made available for sale to the public.

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