Being Homeless Doesn't Make You Vote-less

People without a permanent home have the same right to enrol and vote as every other Australian citizen.

Why should you enrol?

Voting is about having a say on who you think should represent you in Parliament.

You should vote for who you think will make the best decisions on the issues that are important to you including; housing, hospitals, public transport, employment and education.

In order to vote, you must be enrolled.

How do you enrol?

Enrolment options if you are experiencing homelessness or living in temporary accommodation include:

No Fixed Address enrolment

If you don’t have access to safe and secure housing you can enrol as an elector with No fixed address.

As an elector with no fixed address, you enrol for the address where:

  • you were last eligible to be enrolled (generally the place where you last lived for at least one month) or
  • one of your next of kin is currently enrolled if you have not previously been eligible to be enrolled or
  • where you were born, if neither of the above apply or
  • where you have the closest connection if none of the above apply.

If you enrol as an elector with no fixed address and don’t vote at an election, you won’t be fined and your name will remain on the electoral roll.

Silent elector enrolment

If you believe that having your address on the electoral roll will put your personal safety or your family's safety at risk, you can apply to become a Silent elector.

This involves having a statutory declaration signed.

Keeping your enrolment up-to-date

It’s important to keep your enrolment details up to date so you remain eligible to vote. If you find a permanent place to live, you will need to re-enrol using a standard Enrolment form (PDF, 616kB).

Assisting clients experiencing homelessness to enrol and vote

If you are a service provider working with people experiencing homelessness, the VEC runs a community program called Homeless not Voteless. This program provides training to homelessness workers and helps people experiencing homelessness to enrol and vote.