Do I have to enrol?

It is compulsory to enrol and vote for your main place of residence if you:

  • are an Australian citizen, or a qualified British subject* and
  • are aged 18 years or over and
  • have lived at your current address in Victoria for at least one month.

* A qualified British subject for the electoral roll in Victoria is one who was on an Australian electoral roll between 26 October 1983 and 26 January 1984.

Updating your details

If you change your name, postal and/or residential address, you must update your enrolment details by completing a new enrolment form.

If you do not complete a new enrolment form when your enrolment details change:

  • your name may be removed from the roll
  • you risk being fined
  • you may not be able to vote.

Direct enrolment at the VEC

In August 2010, amendments were made to the Electoral Act 2002 (the Act) that enabled the VEC to directly enrol eligible citizens on the Victorian register of electors, following the receipt and analysis of reliable data.1

The direct enrolment provisions of the Act allow the VEC to update details or directly enrol a person without the person having to initiate the action. This process requires the VEC to notify the person in writing regarding the VEC’s awareness of entitlement and its intention to enrol the person unless notified of any ineligibility.

If notification of ineligibility is not received, within a specified period of at least 14 days, the VEC will then place the person on the Victorian register of electors and advise them in writing accordingly.

Currently the VEC uses data received from VicRoads, VCAA and the Australian Electoral Commission to initiate the direct enrolment process. The eligibility of electors is determined using information provided by the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

1. The VEC obtains data through its compulsory acquisition powers, as defined under section 26(4) of the Electoral Act 2002.
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