Partnerships and self-determination: a must for Aboriginal engagement

We have improved our social procurement policies for Aboriginal-owned businesses, strengthened our partnership with Richmond Football Club’s Korin Gamadji Institute, and reached more than 600 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Victoria in 20 outreach sessions in the last six months.

These are only a few examples of the actions we have completed in our Reconciliation Action Plan, which comes to an end in December 2019. We are proud to announce that we have completed 80% of the deliverables in the plan – a significant achievement given the plan is a first for the VEC.

2019 has been a busy year for the VEC’s Aboriginal Engagement Group (formerly the RAP Committee) as we wrap up our current plan and work on the follow-up Aboriginal Engagement Plan.

The Aboriginal Engagement Plan we are creating will bring us in line with other Victorian Public Sector agencies and the self-determination policies laid out in the Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework 2018-2023.

More importantly, the new plan is being created from the ground up in partnership with Victoria’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and is focused on deliverables spanning the next four years.

This will include cultural compentency programs for VEC staff, deliverables for the next two major elections and other actions worked out with the Victorian Aboriginal community. We recognise the importance of self-determination in our processes and being change-ready as Aboriginal affairs progresses in the state of Victoria.

A Korin Gamadji Institute session at Richmond Football Club in July 2019.

A Korin Gamadji Institute session at Richmond Football Club in July 2019.