2018 Pyrenees Shire Council, Beaufort Ward by-election candidates

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The following vacancy exists for the Pyrenees Shire Council:

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Beaufort Ward (1 vacancy)

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NameQuestionnaire Contact details
KENDALL, JulieSee responseJulie E. Kendall
Mobile: 0456 989 155
Photograph of candidate KENDALL, Julie

Candidate Statement

I am standing for election as Beaufort Ward Councillor for the third time because I believe in Beaufort and have skills and experience that fit the role. I have lived, worked and raised two children in Beaufort and served on many committees and local projects, starting and growing the Food Pantry emergency food service being the project I am most proud of. As a past CWA Group President and event organiser I have sound knowledge on governance and ability to connect with all people and navigate through the many different situations of council life. Being employed by Pyrenees Shire HACC service gives me the knowledge of how the organisation works and the services it provides. I am blessed with a large network of current and past councillors and mayors that I have worked with and speak to regularly. My past employment has been in the areas of preventing poverty and homelessness with the Brotherhood of St Laurence and I am committed to improving the lives of all families in the Pyrenees Shire through attracting jobs, affordable housing, access to health services and promotion of all our towns. Vote 1 for Julie Kendall to work for you. Enquiries welcome phone 0456989155
BLAMEY, BarbaraSee responseBarbara Blamey
Mobile: 0417 053 909
Photograph of candidate BLAMEY, Barbara

Candidate Statement

Beaufort Ward a place where locals look after locals. But we are a changing Community with great potential. Growth is on the horizon. Growth needs to be planned, managed properly and directed by our Community. As a local, I have been involved with a number of Community Organisations always in touch with the Community and as a mother and grandmother know Beaufort and District is a place to live, work and raise a family. We cannot be complacent resting on our laurels. We need vision, foresight, and the confidence to make it happen. We need to capture tourists passing us, by making Beaufort and District a destination, not a pit stop. Enhancing our Lake as an environmental asset of our Community for residents and tourists with Camp Hill as a magnificent vantage point if we invested wisely. Let us capitalise on what we have around us. We cannot forget the basics - roads, rates and rubbish they are critical to our Farming Community and Town. As your Councillor I would work constructively with other Councillors. I would do my best to be accessible. I will do my best to represent you, the ratepayer. Vote for Barbara Blamey first.
FERRARI, DamianSee responseDamian Ferrari
Mobile: 0429 960 301
Photograph of candidate FERRARI, Damian

Candidate Statement

Dear Elector, Shortly you will be asked to vote in the by election for the council ward of Beaufort where I am standing as a candidate. Beaufort is about to see significant changes and face many challenges, strong, committed and competent councillors are required. I have a proven record of obtaining results and successfully negotiated with the Government and Vic Roads to obtain substantial commitment to the Buangor Community during the highway bypass. During my career I have established many important and lasting professional relationships with external and government agencies with this networking enabling significant assistance in ensuring Beaufort is maintained and progressed. Beaufort is facing times of change and uncertainty and this must be addressed immediately through effective consultation and communication with the community to establish a solid plan and some effective and achievable vision for the future. Having worked away and achieved many results and legacies for other municipalities, it is now time for me to give something back to my home town where I was born and raised. It is with this in mind that I ask for your vote in this election to allow me to commence that very important work.

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