Results for East Gippsland Shire Council Elections 2012

CouncilVoting Count Method
East Gippsland Shire CouncilProportional representation

East Gippsland Shire Council (9 vacancies)

Elected: ELLIS, Dick (1st elected)
Elected: ROWE, Jane (2nd elected)
Elected: NEAL, Peter (3rd elected)
Elected: BUCKLEY, Ben  (4th elected)
Elected: McNEILL, Jeff  (5th elected)
Elected: FRESHWATER, Michael  (6th elected)
Elected: REEVES, Mark  (7th elected)
Elected: PELZ, Marianne  (8th elected)
Elected: WILKIN, John  (9th elected)
Formal Votes:27679
Informal Votes:2050 (6.90% of the total votes)
Voter Turnout:29729 (74.99% of the total enrolment)
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Votes for this council were counted using proportional representation.

First preference votes

Candidate First preference votesPercentage
JEFFS, Daryl1005 3.63%
ROWE, Jane3345 12.08%
PELZ, Marianne1355 4.90%
ANDERSON, Trudy1582 5.72%
NEAL, Peter2109 7.62%
GAMBLE, Bill1000 3.61%
NETTLETON, Robert763 2.76%
ELLIS, Dick3944 14.25%
WAGNER, Jeanette701 2.53%
REEVES, Mark1045 3.78%
FRESHWATER, Michael2241 8.10%
BUCKLEY, Ben2160 7.80%
FINDLAY-JAMES, Pearl960 3.47%
WILKIN, John1798 6.50%
McNEILL, Jeff1849 6.68%
GIDDINGS, Peter830 3.00%
GARDNER, Peter992 3.58%

Please note:- all first preference percentages have been rounded to two decimal points.