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Results for Golden Plains Shire Council Elections 2012

CouncilVoting Count Method
Golden Plains Shire CouncilProportional representation

Golden Plains Shire Council (7 vacancies)

Elected: HANSFORD, Nathan John (1st elected)
Elected: VAUGHAN, Greg (2nd elected)
Elected: McARTHUR, Bill (3rd elected)
Elected: BLAKE, Jenny  (4th elected)
Elected: PHELAN, Des  (5th elected)
Elected: CAMERON, Andrew  (6th elected)
Elected: KIRBY, Helena Angela  (7th elected)
Formal Votes:11705
Informal Votes:532 (4.35% of the total votes)
Voter Turnout:12237 (76.02% of the total enrolment)
  • Distribution Report (XLS 37kB, XML 96kB)

Recount votes for this council were counted using proportional representation.

Recount results for first preference votes

Candidate First preference votesPercentage
CAMERON, Andrew1165 9.95%
COAD, Joy Margaret568 4.85%
KIRBY, Helena Angela929 7.94%
QUICK, Luke775 6.62%
CLIFTON, Peter541 4.62%
HANSFORD, Nathan John1393 11.90%
PHELAN, Des1118 9.55%
JOHNSTON, Deema460 3.93%
VAUGHAN, Greg1364 11.65%
BLAKE, Jenny1378 11.77%
McARTHUR, Bill1352 11.55%
LEWERS, Helen662 5.66%

Please note:- all first preference percentages have been rounded to two decimal points.

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