Results for Indigo Shire Council Elections 2012

CouncilVoting Count Method
Indigo Shire CouncilProportional representation

Indigo Shire Council (7 vacancies)

Elected: CHAMBERS, Don (1st elected)
Elected: CROUCHER, Peter (2nd elected)
Elected: MURDOCH, Barbara Joan (3rd elected)
Elected: O'CONNOR, Jenny  (4th elected)
Elected: GAFFNEY, Bernard  (5th elected)
Elected: TRENERY, James  (6th elected)
Elected: HORNE, Roberta  (7th elected)
Formal Votes:9344
Informal Votes:656 (6.56% of the total votes)
Voter Turnout:10000 (77.72% of the total enrolment)
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Votes for this council were counted using proportional representation.

First preference votes

Candidate First preference votesPercentage
TRENERY, James846 9.05%
DEANER, Roger Kenneth149 1.59%
DIDOLIS, James443 4.74%
CLYDESDALE, Greg158 1.69%
CROUCHER, Peter1139 12.19%
JARVIS-WILLS, Jill Patricia343 3.67%
HORNE, Roberta686 7.34%
CHAMBERS, Don1300 13.91%
WITHNELL, Rod230 2.46%
ISSELL, Vic554 5.93%
THOMAS, Harry242 2.59%
MURDOCH, Barbara Joan851 9.11%
POCKLEY, Ali530 5.67%
GAFFNEY, Bernard610 6.53%
O'CONNOR, Jenny708 7.58%
WILLIAMS, John194 2.08%
TEISSL, Emmerick361 3.86%

Please note:- all first preference percentages have been rounded to two decimal points.