Results for Ballarat City Council By-Election 2003

Nerrina Ward (1 vacancy)

Elected:JOLLY, Ian William 
Formal Votes:6091
Informal Votes:108 (1.74% of the total votes)
Voter Turnout:6199 (77.50% of the total enrolment)

First preference votes

CandidateFirst preference votesPercentage
PETROV, Steven242 3.97%
SHALLESS, Mark868 14.25%
BELL, Glenn A.238 3.91%
JOLLY, Ian William1696 27.84%
MASON, Robyn286 4.70%
HODDER, Graeme Robert869 14.27%
MARETT, Christina1892 31.06%

Results for single vacancy after distribution of preferences

CandidateVotes after distribution
JOLLY, Ian William3493
MARETT, Christina2598
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