Results for Cardinia Shire Council By-Election 2011

WardVoting Count Method
Bunyip WardPreferential

Bunyip Ward (1 vacancy)

Elected:MOORE, Graeme 
Formal Votes:4651
Informal Votes:104 (2.19% of the total votes)
Voter Turnout:4755 (72.86% of the total enrolment)

Votes for this ward were counted using preferential counting.

First preference votes

CandidateFirst preference votesPercentage
HARRIS, Dorle365 7.85%
O'CONNOR, Gloria406 8.73%
OSTROM BROWN, Hayden188 4.04%
SCHILLING, Michael292 6.28%
MOORE, Graeme1730 37.20%
ANDERSON, John827 17.78%
VAN GRAMBERG, Vanessa64 1.38%
FRY, George779 16.75%

Results for single vacancy after distribution of preferences

CandidateVotes after distribution
O'CONNOR, Gloria1082
MOORE, Graeme2486
ANDERSON, John1083