Results for Greater Geelong City Council By-Election 2010

WardVoting Count Method
Cowie WardPreferential

Cowie Ward (1 vacancy)

Elected:KONTELJ, Eddy 
Formal Votes:9887
Informal Votes:390 (3.79% of the total votes)
Voter Turnout:10277 (77.03% of the total enrolment)

Votes for this ward were counted using preferential counting.

First preference votes

CandidateFirst preference votesPercentage
JOKIC, Michelle Georgina741 7.49%
EDWICK, Adam228 2.31%
JENNINGS, Bronwyn544 5.50%
GATES, Fred283 2.86%
DORRIS, Robert264 2.67%
LJUBANOVIC, Vinko846 8.56%
COOK, Gail276 2.79%
PODVINSEK, Matt1785 18.05%
KONTELJ, Eddy4139 41.86%
PUGLIA, Josie781 7.90%

Results for single vacancy after distribution of preferences

CandidateVotes after distribution
JOKIC, Michelle Georgina1831
KONTELJ, Eddy5665