Results for Greater Geelong City Council By-Election 2011

WardVoting Count Method
Deakin WardPreferential

Deakin Ward (1 vacancy)

Elected:NELSON, Ron 
Formal Votes:10827
Informal Votes:355 (3.17% of the total votes)
Voter Turnout:11182 (77.05% of the total enrolment)

Votes for this ward were counted using preferential counting.

First preference votes

CandidateFirst preference votesPercentage
NELSON, Ron2622 24.22%
PODVINSEK, Matt935 8.64%
WHIMPRESS, Craig384 3.55%
SYDDALL, Cassandra568 5.25%
JEFFREYS, Amber J.329 3.04%
BAULCH, Phil608 5.62%
O'BRIEN, David1182 10.92%
YOUNG, Kimberley875 8.08%
KAKOUROS, Angelo2850 26.32%
WESTGARTH, Rick474 4.38%

Results for single vacancy after distribution of preferences

CandidateVotes after distribution
NELSON, Ron5905
KAKOUROS, Angelo4922