Results for the Greater Geelong 2013 mayoral by-election

CouncilVoting Count Method

Mayor (1 vacancy)

Elected: LYONS, Darryn 
Formal Votes:128910
Informal Votes:7363 (5.40% of the total votes)
Voter Turnout:136273 (78.26% of the total enrolment)
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Votes for this council were counted using preferential counting.

First preference votes

Candidate First preference votesPercentage
STEFANOVIC, Lily7160 5.55%
YEWDALL, Stephen3918 3.04%
JONES, Greg1265 0.98%
ASHER, Stephanie18606 14.43%
LYONS, Darryn38406 29.79%
LACEY, Greg3234 2.51%
MITCHELL, John8932 6.93%
JARVIS, Kenneth Edward15229 11.81%
LEWIS, Margrette2480 1.92%
O'CONNOR, Tom2320 1.80%
AITKEN, Anthony7209 5.59%
SMITH, John1551 1.20%
MARSDEN, Rodger5128 3.98%
KAKOUROS, Angelo4329 3.36%
IRVINE, John Robert4690 3.64%
MANN, Doug4453 3.45%

Please note:- all first preference percentages have been rounded to two decimal points.