Public funding

Under the Electoral Act 2002, eligible parties and candidates in State elections can apply to be paid based on each first preference vote they receive.

Independent candidates and registered political parties with endorsed candidates who receive at least 4% of first preference votes or are elected in a State election are eligible to receive public funding.

For the 2018 State election, public funding is based at a rate of $1.75 for each first preference vote.

For the 2022 election onwards, public funding is based at a rate of $6 per first preference vote for Legislative Assembly candidates and $3 per first preference vote for Legislative Council candidates. This amount will be indexed annually.

Independent candidates and registered political parties who were eligible to receive funding for the immediately preceding election can elect to receive their funding in advance for the next election.

Advance payments are paid in four instalments over four years.

Public funding prior to 25 November 2018

Prior to 25 November 2018, the public funding rate paid to eligible State election candidates was indexed every six months.

For information about the amount paid to candidates at State elections and by-elections up to 2018, see State election reports.

Administrative funding

The Act provides for administrative funding to be paid to registered political parties with Parliamentary representation and independent elected members.

Independent elected members are eligible to receive $200,000 per year.

Registered political parties are eligible to receive an amount that is tiered based on their number of elected members, capped at 45 members. Payments start at $200,000 per year for the first member, scale down to $70,000 for the second member and $35,000 for the third to forty-fifth members.

There are certain restrictions on how registered political parties or independent elected members can use this funding. This includes not using the funds on an election campaign.

Policy development funding

Under the Act, political parties that have been registered with the VEC for at least one year, and were not eligible for administrative or public funding, can receive policy development funding.

Eligible parties can receive annual policy development funding at a rate of $1 per first preference vote or $25,000 (whichever is greater).