State Election 2010 : Mordialloc District
Distribution of preference votes

Elected member

WREFORD, Lorraine

Recheck votes

Total Enrolment
as at close of rolls:
Formal Votes:36753
Informal Votes:2368 (6.05% of the total votes)
Total Votes:39121 (93.84% of the total enrolment as at the close of rolls rechecked)
Votes required to constitute an absolute majority  18377

Distribution of preference votes

FETEIHA, CamelliaCARTY, MichaelHOULT, BrandonKILLEN, TomNOWLAND, StephenMUNT, JaniceWREFORD, LorraineLEACH, JamesDENVIR, Frank JohnTOTAL
Total first preference votes recorded for each candidate3443225152764552137781722351410236753
Transfer of 102 ballot-papers of DENVIR, Frank John (1st excluded candidate)1012156913928102
Progressive Total3453237167770561137911723254236753
Transfer of 167 ballot-papers of HOULT, Brandon (2nd excluded candidate)2150151246203167
Progressive Total3474287785573138371725254536753
Transfer of 287 ballot-papers of CARTY, Michael (3rd excluded candidate)904845404222287
Progressive Total3564833618138771729456736753
Transfer of 567 ballot-papers of LEACH, James (4th excluded candidate)6933229106130567
Progressive Total3633866847139831742436753
Transfer of 847 ballot-papers of NOWLAND, Stephen (5th excluded candidate)11991159478847
Progressive Total3752957141421790236753
Transfer of 957 ballot-papers of KILLEN, Tom (6th excluded candidate)400322235957
Progressive Total4152144641813736753
Transfer of 4152 ballot-papers of FETEIHA, Camellia (7th excluded candidate)315210004152
FINAL TOTAL176161913736753

Elected member:WREFORD, Lorraine