Talking Democracy

A civic education kit about elections in Victoria

Talking Democracy is a civic education kit for people studying English as an Additional Language or other courses in TAFE, school or community settings.

By using this kit students will learn about:

  • electoral keywords and concepts
  • three levels of government in Australia
  • how to enrol to vote or update your details
  • who can vote in Australia
  • how to vote correctly.

Access the animations, facilitation guides and other resources below. Or, request hard copies by contacting our Education and Inclusion Team on 131 832 or email

This resource was produced in partnership with Carringbush Adult Education. We are very grateful for their expertise and assistance.


Part 1: Three levels of government

Mohammed is an English language student. He is doing homework on government and elections in Australia. He calls the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) for more information. In this video he finds out about the three levels of government.

Part 2: Enrolling and voting

Mohammed continues his phone call with the VEC and finds out about how to enrol and how to vote correctly in the Victorian State Election.

Teaching kit

Watch the animations above and download the following resources to assist with your students’ learning.

PART 1 – Overview

PART 2 – Animation script

The animation script includes key words and glossary and can be used by students to support their learning.

PART 3: Facilitator guide

For use in a range of educational settings to help facilitate discussion and learning activities.

PART 4: Activity book

A set of assessment activities for use in classrooms. It is flexible and can be adapted to suit teaching and learning needs in a variety of education settings.

Supporting materials


Eight large-format storyboards with a picture on one side and an explanation of the key concepts and terms on the back. They are useful if access to internet or audio visual facilities is limited. Some of the storyboards include interactive activities and can be used with the government services cards and ballot papers.

Download Talking Democracy storyboards (PDF, 5.7MB)

Download Talking Democracy storyboards summary (PDF, 8.0MB)

Government services cards

Picture cards featuring services provided by the three levels of government. Students can use these to identify and match services to each level. This is a good opportunity for students to make the connection between, democracy, elections, voting and their local community.

Download Government Services Cards (PDF, 1.1MB)

Mock ballot papers

These are to be used in the Community learning guide How do I vote? activity. There are two types of ballot papers with the following examples available for download:

Students will practice how to vote correctly through using mock ballot papers.

Enrol to vote forms

For students to complete with assistance. Up to date forms are available on our page Enrolment forms.

Find out more

Contact us by phone: 131 832 or email if you would like to:

  • order a hard copy of this resource
  • book a free VEC electoral information session in English or community languages.
  • provide feedback on our resources.

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