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About political parties

The VEC maintains an up-to-date register of current political parties. Parties are also required to re-register once during the term of each Parliament.

Why do parties register?Top

Political parties gain a number of advantages by registering. A registered political party:

  • has the party's name next to its candidates' names on ballot papers;
  • nominates its candidates centrally with the VEC rather than with individual election managers; and
  • is entitled to enrolment information (which it can use only for permitted purposes).

How do you register a political party?Top

To be eligible for registration, a political party must have at least 500 members who are registered Victorian electors and hold membership in accordance with the rules of the party. They must not be members of another registered political party or of a party applying for registration.

An application to the VEC for registration must include the name and address of the proposed registered officer, a copy of the party's constitution, a statutory declaration about the number of eligible members, a list of the names and addresses of at least 500 members and an application fee.

The VEC then checks the list to confirm the membership details and advertises the application.

For more information on the registration of political parties, contact the VEC.

Currently registered political partiesTop

Political party Registered Officer
Australian Christians
Re-registered 10 December 2012
Mr Spero Katos
6 Sycamore Street
Caulfield Victoria 3171

Postal address:
PO Box 258
Croydon Victoria 3136
Australian Labor Party - Victorian Branch
Re-registered 26 November 2012
Mr Noah Carroll
State Secretary
438 Docklands Drive
Docklands Victoria 3008

Postal address:
Locked Bag 3240
Melbourne Victoria 3001
Australian Sex Party - Victoria
Re-registered 30 January 2013
Ms Ange Hopkins
64 Hamilton Street
Gisborne Vic 3437

Postal address:
PO Box 1131
Carlton Victoria 3053
Country Alliance
Re-registered 22 October 2012
Mr Russell William Bate
Registered Officer
10 Laidlaws Road
Jamieson Victoria 3723

Postal address of Registered Officer:
PO Box 24415
Melbourne Victoria 3001
Democratic Labor Party (DLP) of Australia
Re-registered 10 December 2012
Mr Michael Murphy
14 Coventry Place
South Melbourne Victoria 3205

Postal address
GPO Box 1402
Melbourne Victoria 3001
Family First Party Victoria Inc.
Re-registered 30 April 2013
Mr Darren Buller
1/297 Canterbury Road
Canterbury Victoria 3126

Postal address:
PO Box 83
Canterbury Victoria 3126
Liberal Party of Australia - Victorian Division
Re-registered 26 November 2012
Mr Damien Mantach
State Director
104 Exhibition Street
Melbourne Victoria 3000
National Party of Australia - Victoria
Re-registered 26 November 2012
Mrs Jenny Hammett
State Director
Level 5
30 Collins Street
Melbourne Victoria 3000
Socialist Alliance (Victoria)
Re-registered 21 December 2012
Ms Susanne Bolton
Registered Officer
PO Box 12427
A'Beckett Street Victoria 8006
The Australian Greens - Victoria
Re-registered 26 November 2012
Mr Gurmeet Sekhon
Registered Officer

Postal address:
GPO Box 4589
Melbourne Victoria 3001

How do you re-register a political party?Top

Registered political parties need to apply to the VEC to re-register once during the term of each Parliament.

The requirements for an application for re-registration are the same as those for registration (described above).

The VEC assesses applications for re-registration in the same way as initial applications. For more information, contact the VEC.

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