Assistance and accessibility at voting centres

Any elector can get assistance to complete their vote.

Help from a friend

You can bring someone with you to the voting centre to help you complete your ballot paper, as you wish.

Staff assistance

Election officials wear an easily identifiable vest and badge (pictured ). They are happy to provide any assistance you may require. If you need assistance from an official to complete your ballot paper, this should be in the presence of:

  • a scrutineer
  • another election official, or
  • another person nominated by you.

You can also present a statement in writing if you require assistance. For example, you can present a how-to-vote card and indicate that you would like your ballot paper to be marked accordingly.

Wheelchair access

Voting centres are rated according to their wheelchair accessibility. The audit complies with relevant Australian standards. It addresses building access as well as the availability of accessible parking.

Voting centre signage includes a sticker indicating the voting centre's accessibility rating, which is as follows:

  • Independent wheelchair access (all criteria on the audit tool are met)
  • Assisted wheelchair access (majority of criteria are met)

Each centre's accessibility rating is advertised. We lease as many suitable fully wheelchair accessible or assisted wheelchair accessible venues as are available.