Mobile voting and voting outside a voting centre

If you cannot make it to a voting centre there are a number of options.

Mobile voting

At State elections, the VEC identifies venues for mobile voting, usually for voters that may find it difficult to get to a voting centre.

The VEC visits these places to ensure that the people residing in these venues can vote.

These venues can include:

  • hospitals
  • nursing homes
  • retirement homes.

Mobile voting is also available at local council attendance elections.

Voting outside a voting centre

At State and local council attendance elections, you can ask a friend or family member to request that an election official assist you to vote outside the centre if you are unable to go inside. If this happens:

  • an election official will mark your name off the roll and bring the ballot papers out to you
  • you complete the ballot papers outside
  • the election official will collect your ballot papers and place them in the ballot box inside the voting centre.

If you need assistance from an official to complete your ballot paper outside of a voting centre, this should be in the presence of:

  • a scrutineer
  • another election official, or
  • another person nominated by you.

This is to ensure that your ballot paper is completed and submitted in accordance with your wishes.