Voting aids

We provide a range of voting aids to ensure that the right to vote is not limited by language, disability or circumstance.

Large print files

Large print files covering key dates and information specific to a particular election's enrolment, nomination and voting requirements are available upon request during State elections and local council elections.


Magnifiers and maxi pencils are available at each voting centre for State and local council attendance elections.

If you cannot find them, please speak to an election official.

Closed circuit television

Closed circuit television (CCTV) equipment is available for voters with low vision at most State elections.

Voting using CCTV equipment involves placing a ballot paper under a camera that magnifies it on a television screen.

Audio files

MP3 audio files detailing key dates, enrolment, and nomination and voting details are made available on this site in conjunction with key electoral events and announcements.

All audio files are located on the accessible audio page.

If you have a hearing impairment and need to contact the VEC by phone, there are several options available.

Accessible voting screens

Every voting centre has at least one wheelchair accessible voting screen (a lower and wider voting screen) or a tabletop voting screen.

An election official can direct you to these facilities.