Application for registration by the Independence Party

Thursday 11 August 2022

For immediate release

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) has received an application from the Independence Party for registration as a political party. The application is signed by the Secretary of the party, Catherine Cumming, and includes the following proposed logo:

Independence Party logo 

Name of proposed registered officer: Catherine Cumming

Address of proposed registered officer: 34 Ballarat Street, Yarraville VIC 3013

Objections to the proposed registration must be submitted to the VEC in writing no later than Monday 12 September. Valid reasons for objection include:

  • the party is not an eligible political party as defined under the Electoral Act 2002 (the Act)
  • the party's application was not properly completed
  • the party's name is not allowable
  • the party's logo is not allowable.

Letters of objection can be emailed to or posted to the VEC, Level 11, 530 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000.

Details of any objections will be made available to the applicant.

Media information

What are the benefits of registering a political party?

A registered political party:

  • will have the party's name printed on State election ballot papers next to the names of the party's endorsed candidates
  • can nominate all its candidates and register how-to-vote cards centrally, rather than individually with election managers
  • is entitled to public funding based on the number of votes it receives at a State election
  • is entitled to access enrolment information, not including phone numbers or email address, which it can use for permitted purposes.

An unregistered party can still participate at elections but will not be entitled to the above.

What are the qualifications for party registration?

To be eligible for registration, a party must:

  • have at least 500 members, who are Victorian electors, members of the party in accordance with the party's rules, and who cannot be members of another registered political party or another political party applying for registration
  • have a constitution setting out the aims of the party, which must include promoting the election of members to Parliament
  • have an allowable name. A party name cannot comprise more than six words, be obscene, or be the name or confusingly similar to the name of another registered political party.