Broadmeadows District pilot program targets informal voting

Wednesday 16 November 2022

For immediate release

Early voters in Broadmeadows District will have an opportunity to participate in an innovative pilot program this State election.

As part of its commitment to providing equitable, inclusive and accessible services to all Victorians, the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) will make extra resources available at early voting centres in the district, where there is a significant population of voters with low English proficiency.

'Our research has shown a positive correlation between low English proficiency and high informality rates when it comes to voting,' said Deputy Electoral Commissioner, Dana Fleming. 'This pilot program aims to tackle that issue with in-language videos to build voter confidence to cast a formal vote.

The pilot program will involve a QR code being made available for voters to access translated videos in the most common non-English languages spoken in Broadmeadows District– Arabic, Turkish, Urdu, Italian and Chaldean Neo-Aramaic.

'The QR codes will be prominent on our queueing infrastructure as well as in the voting compartments,' said Ms Fleming.

The VEC has produced the in-language videos for Broadmeadows District in addition to a suite of nearly 70 videos in 25 community languages (including Auslan) designed to increase understanding of enrolment and voting ahead of the election. 

'With half of all informal votes cast accidentally, the VEC has an obligation to engage with communities in a meaningful way and in their own language where possible,' said Ms Fleming.

Results from the pilot in Broadmeadows District will be analysed to see if the videos were able to positively impact the level of informal voting when compared to other districts.

More information and instructions in languages other than English is available at