Election campaign encourages voters to have their say

Monday 3 October 2022

For immediate release

A state-wide advertising campaign to drive broad public awareness of the upcoming State election launches today, encouraging Victorian voters to enrol, vote, and sort fact from fiction before casting their vote this November.

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) surveyed voters late last year on their preference for advertising concepts, themes and feel. The overwhelming response was for a reprisal of the VEC's popular 'paper (ballot) people' animated campaign used in 2014 and 2018.

'We are all about listening to voters and understanding their needs and expectations,' says Dana Fleming, Deputy Electoral Commissioner. 'Voters told us they wanted simple, straightforward messaging and they liked the animations.'

Ms Fleming says that apart from increasing awareness of how, when and where to vote, the VEC is also rolling out 2 additional campaigns.

'We’ve just received a report from our online research panel; 89% of respondents agree that electoral misinformation and disinformation is not acceptable, and the same number feel that the VEC should respond directly to this activity.

'Consequently, we have developed a media literacy campaign to build public awareness on identification of misinformation and disinformation campaigns. We invite voters to visit our website for tips and to check our online misinformation register.'

Ms Fleming also points out that young, disengaged voters and voters who have been directly enrolled will also be targets of the VEC's advertising campaign.

'Many young voters feel that their vote doesn’t make a difference,' says Ms Fleming. 'Elections can be won or lost on less than a dozen votes. Every vote really does count.'

For more information on electoral misinformation and disinformation, please visit: vec.vic.gov.au/misinformation, or to download the 'paper people' campaign images go to: vecvault.mediavalet.com/portals/mediaportal