Failed election in Narracan District

Monday 21 November 2022

For immediate release

The election for Narracan District has failed, as a result of the death of Nationals Party candidate, Shaun Gilchrist, over the weekend.

‘Our thoughts and condolences go out to Mr Gilchrist’s family, friends and loved ones,’ said Acting Electoral Commissioner, Dana Fleming.

‘I acknowledge that the local community will also be in mourning.’

Under Victoria’s electoral laws if a candidate dies before 6 pm on election day (Saturday 26 November), the election for that district is declared ‘failed’ and the nomination deposits are returned to all candidates in the district.

Ms Fleming said that voters in Narracan District are still required to vote for their Upper House candidates.

‘Votes received to date for Narracan District will be set aside and from this point on only Upper House ballot papers for Eastern Victoria Region will be taken and counted.’

‘A writ will be issued for a ‘supplementary election’ for Narracan District, using the electoral roll prepared for the original election. The VEC will seek a timeline for the supplementary election and communicate this as it is known,’ said Ms Fleming.

Failing to vote in the Upper House election without a valid reason may result in a $92 fine.

Further information may be found on the Victorian Electoral Commission’s website or by calling 131 832.