Nominations are in for local council elections

Wednesday 23 September 2020
For immediate release

Following the close of nominations and ballot draws yesterday for this year’s local council elections, 2,187 candidates nominated for 622 council vacancies in 298 separate elections.

The number of candidates this year is higher than the 2,135 candidates who nominated for 636 councillor vacancies in 222 separate elections at the 2016 council elections.

The number of nominations for this year’s Melbourne City Council elections is higher than in 2016. This year, there are nine teams competing for the Leadership Team of Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor (compared to seven in the 2016 election) and 59 nominations for the nine councillor vacancies (compared to 43 in 2016).

As of the close of nominations, 26 of the 298 individual elections are uncontested, where the number of candidates is equal to the number of vacancies. Voters in these uncontested elections will not be required to vote.

Furthermore, an insufficient number of candidates nominated to fill the vacancies for East Ward in Hindmarsh Shire Council.

No nominations were received to fill the single-councillor vacancy for South West Ward in Northern Grampians Shire Council. As a result, the 2020 local council election for South West Ward has failed.

By-elections to fill the vacancies in East Ward in Hindmarsh Shire Council and South West Ward in Northern Grampians Shire Council will be held at a later date.

The final list of candidates in ballot paper order for all councils holding elections, except Melbourne City Council, is now available at Who are the candidates?