Nominations closed and ballots drawn for 2022 State election

Friday 11 November 2022

For immediate release

The candidate order for ballot papers for the 2022 Victorian State election has now been determined, following the close of nominations at 12 noon today.

740 candidates have nominated for the Lower House and 454 for the Upper House – a total of 1194 nominations. This represents an increase from the 887 candidates at the 2018 State election and a record number of candidates in both the Lower House and Upper House for a State election. 

'We expect more than half of all Victorian voters to vote early in the 2 weeks before election day,' said Electoral Commissioner, Warwick Gately. 'A list of candidates for each electorate is available on the VEC website and I encourage voters to look up their local candidates ahead of time.'

This afternoon the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) conducted ballot draws at 88 locations (in each district) to determine the order of candidates appearing on ballot papers. The draws were conducted using an industry standard crypto-secure random number generator (RNG). The RNG selected is one that has been tested for randomness using a range of statistical measures including the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) tests (more information is available on the VEC website).

The submission period for how-to-vote cards opens on Monday 14 November and will close on Friday 18 November. Voters will be able to view how-to-vote cards on the VEC website when the cards are registered by the VEC.

Mr Gately pointed out that how-to-vote cards are a suggestion only and that it is up to voters to decide which candidate receives which preference number – from first choice to the last choice.

'Almost half of informal votes cast are unintentionally informal,' Mr Gately said. 'This can be due to voters repeating or missing numbers or using ticks and crosses rather than numbers.'

'If you're planning to vote during the early voting period, have a look at who has nominated for your district and region and start thinking about your preferences. At the voting centre, number your candidates according to your preferences and then take time to check that you have numbered all candidates without repeating or missing any numbers.

The VEC website also features short videos on how to complete ballot papers correctly in 23 different languages.

Early voting opens at 9 am on Monday 14 November. The VEC has arranged extended early voting hours on several days in response to voter feedback.

Voters can view the short videos and early voting hours at