Overseas and interstate voting options for holidaying Victorians

Wednesday 2 November 2022

For immediate release

Victorians who will be interstate or overseas on election day – Saturday 26 November – should check what voting services are available to them ahead of time.

Electoral Commissioner Warwick Gately urged voters to act now to avoid missing out on having their voice heard in the State election.

‘Applications for postal voting in the November election are now available online. Our research tells us that voters who are away from Victoria are still keen to have their say in who governs the State, but they will need to act swiftly,’ said Mr Gately.

Voters who are interstate can request a postal vote online and have it mailed to their interstate location. If they prefer to vote in person, they can attend any interstate electoral commission during business hours from Monday 14 to Friday 25 November.

Voters who are travelling or living overseas will also be able to apply for a postal vote and can request to receive their ballot pack by email. Completed ballot papers can either be mailed back to Victoria, or dropped at one of several overseas locations for a faster return via diplomatic pouch. Overseas drop-off locations can be found on the VEC’s online Voting Centre Locator maps.vec.vic.gov.au/elections  

More information on interstate and overseas voting options is available at vec.vic.gov.au