Re-registration of Democratic Labour Party (DLP)

Tuesday 2 March 2021

For immediate release

The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) was re-registered as a political party under Victorian electoral law today.

As required by section 58A of the Electoral Act 2002, the party applied for re-registration on Thursday 15 October 2020.

To be registered, a party has to have at least 500 members on the Victorian electoral roll. The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) confirmed this by writing to the members whose names were provided by the Democratic Labour Party (DLP).

As a registered political party, the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) will continue to:

  • have the party name printed next to its endorsed candidates’ names on ballot papers
  • be able to nominate all its candidates centrally with the VEC instead of with individual election managers
  • be entitled to public funding (if it gains enough votes), and
  • be entitled to enrolment information (which it can only use for specified purposes).