Reminder of political donation obligations as 2022 State election approaches

Thursday 26 August 2022

For immediate release

As Victoria approaches its next State election on Saturday 26 November and political campaigning and fundraising activities increase, the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) would like to remind current and prospective donors and recipients of their obligations under political donation laws.

In particular:

  • if you make or receive a political donation of $1,080 or more you must disclose it within 21 days at
  • donations of $1,080 or more cannot be anonymous
  • donations can only be made by Australian citizens, residents or businesses
  • a donor cannot donate more than $4,320 in the 4-year period between elections.

The penalties for breaching the Electoral Act 2002 include fines, imprisonment and the recovery of donation amounts.

The VEC is already aware of a donation site running a 24 hour 'double donation' campaign. Prior to its launch, the VEC contacted the party running the campaign and sought assurances as to how donors and recipients would comply with donation requirements under the Electoral Act.

The VEC will monitor the progress of the campaign and will continue to explore and identify any compliance issues, ensuring all required donations are disclosed. Additional information about political donations requirements, such as banned donations; what counts as a donation; and specific information for donors and recipients, is available at