Timing of the Narracan District supplementary election

Thursday 24 November 2022

For immediate release

The timing of a supplementary election for Narracan District will be confirmed once the writ for the Victorian State General election (Legislative Assembly) is returned to the Governor of Victoria in mid-December.

The death of a candidate in the Narracan District election last weekend prompted the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) to advise that ‘the death of a candidate between the close of nominations and 6 pm on election day results in a failed election’.

Although Narracan voters are still required to vote for their 5 Eastern Victoria Region (Upper House) representatives by the close of voting on Saturday, they have been advised that a supplementary election will be held to elect a member for Narracan District.

The writ for the general election (Legislative Assembly) must be endorsed to the effect that the election for Narracan District has failed. However, that writ cannot be returned to the Governor until the declaration of the result of the general election as a whole (that must occur on or before 17 December 2022).

A supplementary election is not triggered until the writ is returned to the Governor. The Governor will then issue a writ for the supplementary election for Narracan District, which will specify the timetable for the supplementary election.