Vacancy within Brimbank City Council

Wednesday 21 December 2022

For immediate release

A countback procedure to fill an extraordinary vacancy in Harvester Ward within Brimbank City Council will take place at 10 am on Monday 23 January 2023, due to the election of Councillor Trung Luu to the Victorian Parliament.

The vacancy will be filled by a countback of all formal votes from the 2020 Brimbank City Council, Harvester Ward election (instead of voters voting in a by-election). Votes will be redistributed to candidates who were unsuccessful at that general election, and who remain eligible to participate in the countback, to fill the extraordinary vacancy.

The countback is based on the proportional representation method of counting. ‘The candidate who achieves the quota will be elected. If no participating candidate achieves the quota, following the distribution of votes to participating candidates, the candidate with the highest number of countback votes will be elected,’ Election Manager Lisa Osborne said.

The countback will be held online via webinar. A link to the countback will be made available on the VEC website from 9:30 am on Monday 23 January 2023.

Candidates and interested parties may observe the countback.

The result will be published on the VEC website.