Looking ahead to the 2022 State election

Hand placing ballot pack into boxThe VEC is well advanced in its planning for the 2022 State election.

A high-level service plan is being finalised for the election to be held in November 2022. The service plan ensures that the VEC can deliver an impartial, fair, accurate and timely election that is of the highest standard.

The VEC is supplementing its core staff with election-specific temporary and casual staff. This includes engaging contract staff to provide specialist support services such as information technology support, software development and advice. The recruitment of Senior Election Officials is currently underway, some of which will be appointed to election management team roles early next year. Election infrastructure is being identified and election day voting centres will be tentatively booked by the end of 2021. Election resources have been identified and purchased and are starting to be delivered.

Drawing on its extensive experience from delivering past elections, the VEC understands that arrangements with other agencies are critical to the delivery of the State election. As such, the VEC will ensure that arrangements are in place with agencies including the Department of Education and Training, Victoria Police, and Emergency Management Victoria should it need to respond to issues arising during the election.

Building on the success of its COVIDSafe plan from the 2020 local government elections, the VEC will engage with external stakeholders to ensure best COVIDSafe practice is adhered to, while maintaining its own internal COVIDSafe procedures. These will constantly be refined, ensuring they are flexible enough to deal with changing threat levels of coronavirus (COVID-19) while maintaining and following Victorian Government directions.

The VEC’s preparation is forming the basis of a compliant, transparent, fair and accurate State election.