Message from the Electoral Commissioner

Electoral Commissioner Warwick GatelyThe 2020–21 reporting year brought many challenges for the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC). Ongoing restrictions in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic added additional complexity to the delivery of 76 local council elections across the State.

Despite the restrictions, disruptions, changes, and community anxiety, the VEC delivered an election program that was compliant, accurate and safe. The elections, conducted entirely by post, employing 6,000 casual employees in 76 venues also delivered the highest ever average voter turnout for Victoria’s local government elections (81.4%) - rounding off another successful year for the VEC.

The resilience, flexibility and focus of our people meant we were able to achieve significant milestones in 2020–21.

This edition of Selections showcases key highlights from the VEC’s 2020–21 Annual Report, including our community outreach program, delivery of 2020 local government elections, support to the Electoral Boundaries Commission in conducting the redivision of the State’s electoral boundaries and delivering on the commitments in our Strategy 2023.

I acknowledge the steadfast support of the previous Deputy Electoral Commissioner, Liz Williams who completed 15 years in this role in April 2021. Liz’s focus on continuously improving election services and her commitment to innovation has benefited all Victorians.

In commencing planning for the 2022 State election, the VEC will draw on relevant lessons learned from the local government elections in 2020. I am confident that our preparedness and continued investment in our information and communication technology, including essential security and resilience improvements, have the VEC well placed for another ambitious and successful year.