State redivision 2020-21

Outline illustration of the state of Victoria divided into eight sections.The next redivision of State electoral boundaries will commence in December 2020, two years before the 2022 State election. Redivisions must take place after every two general elections.

Under the Electoral Boundaries Commission Act 1982, the Electoral Boundaries Commission (EBC) must establish and maintain electorates of approximately equal enrolment.

Victoria has two quotas: district and region. District quotas are determined by dividing the total number of enrolled voters in Victoria by the number of districts (88). Region quotas are determined by dividing the total number of enrolled voters in Victoria by the number of regions (8).

To ensure equal representation in Parliament, the number of enrolled voters in each district and region must not vary by more than 10% per cent (up or down) from the quota.

This ensures each electorate has a similar number of enrolled voters so that when it’s time to vote in a State election, each vote carries equal weight. This is what’s known as the ‘one vote, one value’ principle.

The VEC provides administrative and technical support to the EBC and Dr Paul Thornton-Smith of the VEC is the secretary.

The members of the EBC are:

  • the Honourable Justice Peter Kidd SC, Chief Judge of the County Court of Victoria (Chairperson)
  • Mr Warwick Gately AM, Electoral Commissioner
  • Mr Craig Sandy, Surveyor-General for Victoria.

The EBC met in May to consider early planning for redivision. The meeting considered:

  • current disparities in electoral enrolments across Victoria
  • the allocation of resources for the redivision
  • the engagement of a demographer to provide elector projections down to a local level
  • the development of a mapping tool to facilitate submissions by the public.

The redivision process is consultative and invites submissions from all members of the public, political parties and other stakeholders. The first of two consultation periods will be open from December 2020 until March 2021. More information about this process will be available on the EBC website from early December.

More information about boundary redivisions is available on the EBC website.