Strategy 2023 update

Bubbles bursting out of a light globe to symbolise an idea or thoughtIn July 2018, the VEC launched Strategy 2023, a 5-year plan to ensure its people, systems and relationships are change ready. In 2021–22, the VEC focused on 3 priority themes from the strategy, which also aligned strongly with its intentions for the State election:

  • inspired people
  • empowered electors
  • smart solutions.

Of the 25 programs, projects and initiatives scheduled for July 2021 to June 2022, 7 projects (28%) are now complete and a further 10 projects (40%) are on track and progressing well. Eight projects (32%) are experiencing some delay. All are expected to be complete on or before June 2023.

Inspired people

The VEC refreshed its People and Culture Strategy in October 2021 to focus on meaningful work, responsive leadership, a positive work environment, growth opportunities and trusted leadership.

Following last year's Leadership Excellence Accelerator Program, the VEC developed a comprehensive People Leaders Essentials course and toolkit to improve management capabilities. These will be implemented after the State election.

VEC staff responses to the Victorian Public Sector Commission's People Matter Survey, a measure of staff satisfaction, showed steady progress in VEC staff engagement, manager support and satisfaction overall. Our people also have very high levels of satisfaction with their current jobs and career development at the VEC.

Empowered electors

The VEC achieved its aim of staying within 1% of the national enrolment rate reported by the Australian Electoral Commission, with the June 2022 Victorian enrolment rate just 0.7% below the national rate. 

The VEC also resolved 85% of complaints it received within set response times published in the customer service charter.

In 2021–22, several important digital communication initiatives to support the State election commenced, including expanded digital communication with electors, enhanced crisis management communications capability and a media literacy campaign and accompanying online misinformation register.

Geospatial functionality was incorporated into more VEC systems to improve voting centre location and accessibility information for voters.

Smart solutions

In 2021–22 the VEC developed both a Corporate Compliance Framework and an Electoral Compliance Framework. These complementary frameworks will underpin all VEC compliance responsibilities. 

Significant work related to technology security and risk was completed in preparation for the State election. The VEC has almost reached its June 2023 target for security, resilience, efficiency and compliance impact metrics, to comply with both the rigorous ASD Essential eight maturity model for cyber security and the Victorian Protective Data Security Standards.

Several 'smart solutions' projects were delayed due to resourcing pressures, but are expected to be completed by June 2023, which is also when Strategy 2023 expires. Planning is already in train to develop a strategic plan for the next 5 years.