Victorian State election 2022

Pile of pencils that are handed out at voting centres branded with Victorian Electoral CommissionIn November this year, voters will elect the 60th Victorian Parliament.

To deliver this election, the VEC will employ up to 15,000 people across 18,500 roles, working from one-to-2 days up to 8 weeks. Across the state, there will be over 1,700 election day voting centres, 155 early voting centres and 88 election offices.

A number of changes have been made to the VEC’s election operating model – some in relation to voter feedback. The number of early voting centres has increased by 50% on 2018 numbers, and early voting hours have been extended to provide increased access for people who cannot attend during business hours. The VEC’s online postal vote application portal has been enhanced, ensuring a streamlined experience for electors.

A state redivision reviewed electoral boundaries across the state to apply for the 2022 State election. The redivision was conducted by the Electoral Boundaries Commission, with technical and administrative support provided by the VEC. The new boundaries mean just over 21% (910,000) of voters will find themselves voting in a different electorate this election.

Building on the success of its COVIDSafe plan for the 2020 local government elections, the VEC engaged with external stakeholders to ensure best practice for delivery of the State election. These practices will be reviewed throughout the election period, with flexibility to deal with changing COVID-19 threat levels and Victorian Government guidelines.

Arrangements are in place with agencies including the Department of Education and Training, Victoria Police, and Emergency Management Victoria to respond to issues arising during the election.

In early 2023, the VEC will analyse its delivery of the election through internal inquiry, independent market research, and workshops with key election management staff. This will culminate in a report to the Parliament of Victoria, including recommendations to improve the administration of elections.

In December 2021, the VEC released its draft 2022 State election service plan, detailing how the VEC will deliver a compliant, transparent, fair, and accurate State election under a strict statutory regime. The final version of the plan is now available.

Download 2022 State election service plan.