Aboriginal engagement

We have been working in collaboration with Reconciliation Victoria to produce a series of electoral education videos featuring Aboriginal Elders and other leading Aboriginal community members. The videos can be shared through Aboriginal community channels and organisations. The speakers use personal stories and histories of why electoral engagement is important to Victorian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Three culturally sensitive, animated videos about the local council elections are available and explain what services councils provide, how to vote and the role of a councillor.

This project allows us to remain engaged with the Victorian Aboriginal community during this time of social distancing, using social media channels.

Check out more Reconciliation Victoria videos from community leaders and keep an eye out for future deadly materials on social media yet to be released.

For any questions contact Penny Daly

Why Should Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People Engage With Local Council?

Local Council is the level of government closest to Country and community. There are many reasons why it is important for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to engage with council to make sure their voices are being heard. 

Today I want to urge all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within Victoria to consider engaging with their local council.

The local councils have um have a lot of powers really in their municipality areas and at the end of the day though you'll find that local councils need Aboriginal people more than we actually need them.

Engagement with council can take many forms and all are really important the local council is often what affects us the most on a day-to-day level you know they're in charge of things like your parks and what sort of like what infrastructure gets developed locally so obviously those things are going to have a direct impact on you so please you know in your own self-interest make sure that you vote.

I have seen and experienced over the years decisions that council have made that have directly impacted our people local government have a key role in delivering services for our Aboriginal people in all of the communities in which they live they need Aboriginal people to work with them to be able to determine sacred sites and burial sites and and sites of significance participation by our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in local council business will strengthen our ability to reduce the differences in the lifespan to be able to address issues of early years, health, housing and employment outcomes for our people.

It's really important to engage there's lots of opportunities for Aboriginal people in local councils they can where it's either through employment or any of the programs that they run to aged care programs, all different youth programs so it's really important for Aboriginal people to be really engaged with small changes within local community communities. are the changes that impact our daily lives and that can make our lives better and easier.

I would urge you to please consider engaging with the local council. Our people do need a voice at the table and hopefully that's yours.

Cancel out the you know the ones that are going to come down on you like big brother or anything, they're people just like us. Make sure you have your say, vote and make your voice heard.

Having Aboriginal people engaged in in council is I think it's the way forward for every community across the state. Our knowledge is invaluable and our guidance is invaluable. We know the land and the country more so than um than a lot of people.

Having us there at the forefront and not always you know being the afterthought I think is the key to moving forward in this country.