Announcing our Youth Parliament 2021 team sponsorships

A large group of young people standing behind a banner that reads 'YMCA Youth Parliament'.

We are proud to once again sponsor teams to attend YMCA Victoria's annual Youth Parliament. Youth Parliament gives young people a chance to be heard at the highest levels of the Victorian Government. Through this program, people between the ages of 16 and 25 can share their views on a wide range of issues relevant to their lives.

This sponsorship ensures that young people from our priority community groups can participate in Youth Parliament. This sponsorship directly aligns with our goal to encourage the early formation of positive voting behaviour by developing young people's civic knowledge and skills. This is most effectively done by developing meaningful partnerships with relevant organisations such as the YMCA.

Meet the teams we are sponsoring

Deaf Victoria

Youth Parliament will enable the next generation of emerging Deaf leaders to step up and support the community.

Korin Gamadji Institute (KGI)

Participants in this team identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander and come from all over Victoria. They have all completed a range of KGI Richmond Emerging Aboriginal Leadership Programs and are active leaders in their communities. The Youth Parliament program will help affirm cultural identity and foster growth as young leaders in their communities.

Skyline Foundation

The Skyline Foundation supports students who may be at risk of leaving school early as a result of financial hardship, emotional, family and other challenges. This team is made up of resilient young people who are and keen to make a difference in their communities.

Tarneit Senior College

This team is made up of young people from varied cultural backgrounds who aspire to excel in their chosen fields and represent their communities. These students have interests in politics, law and social work. Youth Parliament will provide them with an excellent opportunity to build on their skills and develop relationships.

Yarra Ranges Council and Oonah - First Nations group

This team is comprised of diverse range of young people who want to to step up, expand their leadership skills, and influence how government makes laws and policy.

When is Youth Parliament

Youth Parliament will take place between Sunday 19 September and Friday 24 September 2021.

YMCA Victoria warmly welcomes interested people to attend any of the three sitting days (Monday 20 September, Tuesday 21 September and Thursday 23 September) between 9 am and 4.30 pm. This may change subject to any coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions in place.

To find out more about Youth Parliament: