Community partnership

6 people in a meeting. 2 people are presenting, the other 4 are watching them speak.

Leading up to the State Election, we have partnered with Leadership Victoria to deliver an Active Citizenship Leadership Program. The program aims to build community leaders' electoral education knowledge, so they can share this with their friends, families and community members.

The 51 program participants range from 18-62 years old, are a mix of faiths and religions and speak 43 different languages and dialects! Some of the dialects and languages include Arabic, Punjabi, Mandarin, Greek and Vietnamese.

At the end of the program, suitable community leaders will be invited to apply to be a part of our Democracy Ambassador Program for the State election.

We have also partnered with the Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria to deliver an active citizenship workshop to their Intercultural Young Advocacy Leadership Group in April.

We are available to work with community leaders. To find out more about active citizenship workshops for community leaders, please contact us. Call 131 832 or email our Education and Inclusion team.