Disability sessions

Photo of education session participant holding up a 'yes' card

We are delivering electoral education sessions to people with disabilities across Victoria remotely via video conferencing platforms such as MS Teams and Zoom. Our sessions are cover enrolment, how to vote and why we should vote, and who can help you with voting. We can tailor the sessions to meet the availability and learning styles of both people with disabilities and their supporters/carers. We can break the sessions into shorter sessions to take into account that learning remotely is different to learning in person.

We also encourage Disability Support Workers to book a session to increase their own education about how to support a person with voting. We strongly encourage any Disability Services, advocacy groups, schools and TAFEs that are supporting people remotely to book us for an electoral education session. Our sessions will be delivered online by Debra and our peer educators, the Democracy Ambassadors. 

For any questions contact Debra Taylor on 8620 1183 or via email