Do you know anyone with a disability who would like help to vote?

Two women speaking with each other. One is standing and one is sitting in a wheelchair.

We have prepared a resource to assist people with a disability to exercise their right to vote in time for the State election. It includes a short video and a guide that can be used by both people with disabilities and their supporters. We address common misconceptions and barriers to voting, for example, by making it clear that a support person or voting centre staff member can help you fill out the ballot paper when voting.

  • Voting is for everyone
    The video features people with disabilities speaking about their experience voting. It is about 17 minutes long. It covers how to enrol and vote, how voting works, and why it is important for people with disabilities to vote.
  • Voting is for everyone – facilitation guide
    This guide includes plain English explanations of the topics covered in the video, discussion points and worksheets to practice. We recommend you print the worksheets beforehand. 

This resource is in addition to the free voter education sessions run by our Education and Inclusion Team. These sessions can be tailored to suit the learning styles of each audience. Voter education sessions are in person, however they can also be offered via Zoom or Teams. Book a session today.