Help to shape your State in the 2020-21 electoral boundary redivision

Drawing of Victoria with a pencil drawing new boundaries. Text: Shape your State.

The 2020-21 State electoral boundary redivision has recently started.

The redivision involves redrawing Victoria’s electoral boundaries so that each electorate has roughly the same number of enrolled voters.

This will ensure that each vote will carry equal weight when voting in a State election.

Who is carrying out the redivision?

The Electoral Boundaries Commission (EBC), an independent statutory body, with technical and administrative support from the VEC. 

You can have a say

The EBC is inviting Victorians to have their say about the electoral boundaries. Submissions are open until Monday 1 March 2021, and any Victorian can make a submission.

A new tool has been developed to support people to make written and mapped submissions online through an interactive map. We are hoping this will make the submission process more accessible for a wider audience. 

We encourage you to explore the tool and make a submission. There is also a helpful interactive map to assist in reviewing the current boundaries.

The EBC will take account of the ideas in submissions as part of deciding on the boundaries.

For more information and key dates, visit the EBC website.